Summer Institute in Plant Breeding

The Summer Institute in Plant Breeding comprises continuing-education short courses for industry breeders, graduate students, and postdocs within and outside the University of Minnesota.

Read about the 2022 Summer Institute (see page 14)

The 2023 Summer Institute will be held on July 3-7 in Ghent, Belgium in partnership with VIB | International Plant Biotechnology Outreach at Ghent University. Participants can register for one module in Set 1 (Monday to Wednesday noon) and one module in Set 2 (Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon):


  • Genomewide Markers in Plant Breeding (Rex Bernardo)
  • CRISPRing in Plants (Thomas Jacobs)
  • Machine Learning Applied to Plant Science (Tolutola Oyetunde)


  • Genetic Analysis in Understudied Plants (Laura Shannon)
  • The Many Dimensions of Plant Phenotyping (Hilde Nelissen)
  • Data Bootcamp for Genomic Prediction in Plant Breeding (Aaron Lorenz)

Course details are found in the registration announcement.

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Summer Institute