Summer Institute in Plant Breeding

The Summer Institute in Plant Breeding comprises continuing-education short courses for industry breeders, graduate students, and postdocs within and outside the University of Minnesota.

Read about the 2021 Summer Institute (see page 6)

The next Summer Institute will be held on June 20-24, 2022, and it will include the following six modules (instructors in parentheses):

  • Plant Breeding 101 (James Anderson)
  • Data Bootcamp for Genomic Prediction in Plant Breeding (Aaron Lorenz)
  • Machine Learning Applied to Plant Science (Tolutola Oyetunde)
  • Polyploid Genomics (Laura Shannon)
  • Genomewide Markers in Plant Breeding (Rex Bernardo)
  • Applied Plant Genomics and Bioinformatics (Candice Hirsch)

Further details are the registration announcement, and registration is via this link or the button below. Do note the cautions in the registration announcement about a possible switch to Zoom delivery if the pandemic makes travel and in-person events unsafe (we certainly hope not).

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